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API & web services
Backend & databases
Cloud & hosting

We are a dynamic and open minded team of programmers, web developers and computer engineers.
Our code integrates to yours to create a winning symbiosis.


Progymedia adopts a propsective approach to IT security through our team of experts who are on the lookout for customer needs and technological advancements.

Que ce soit pour une analyse d’application, la protection de votre site web, l’infrastructure du code ou la protection des données, nous nous efforçons d’assurer une approche personnelle à vos besoins en sécurité informatique et réseau.

API and web services

Implementing APIs in your software solutions is an important mandate for ProgyMedia.

The service comes with technical documentation, definitions and practical examples of use thanks to the industry-leading Swagger tool. The best security standards are in place such as the OAuth2 authentication protocol or others.

Our developments respect among others the REST standards and our programming team makes sure to deliver a quality product that meets the latest technologies. The service is fully compatible, regardless of the server or programming language.

Backend and databases

The ProgyMédia team targets the real needs of its customers. That’s why we have developed robust solutions to complement our API service.

The advantages of our backend servers are:

  • Lightweight and fast application
  • Infrastructure separation, increased mobility
  • Reduced server workload
  • Automation of tests for efficient deployment
  • Automated compilation and deployment with Docker ™ and Bitbucket ™ pipelines.

Implementing this service provides a long-term solution for your business. In the same way, our development accommodates your needs in database. Thus, a different database usage is necessary depending on your data types, whether for relational data (MSSQL, MySQL, …), for files (AWS S3, Minio, …) or for indexing (ElasticSearch, …).

Cloud and Hosting

The design of high-volume, high-traffic and high-performance applications is one of the most sought-after services at ProgyMedia.

Several years of research and development have allowed us to develop hosting solutions around VPC “Virtual Private Cloud”, using containers, also known as Docker. These are compartments divided to very high security. The major advantage of such a cloud solution is the ability to make updates simplified and above all controlled and offer increased security due to the minimal nature of containers.

In addition, this hosting service is set up primarily on Amazon’s services, renowned worldwide for its high performance, but can also be hosted with Google Cloud, private servers and others.

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