Connection to your ERP

Share and sync data from your ERP to all your softwares with PROGYLINK

Maximize your management’s efficiency and your information exchanges between your sales tools.

We can easily connect all your sales tools and platforms such as your e-commerce, CRM, catalog, mobile applications and other to your accounting software and/or ERP. This way, all your data and services will stay synchronized without human intervention.

Maximize and diversify your potential by saving time on data entry and integration.

  • Stock synchronization between multiple warehouses.
  • Different price synchronization for your variable products.
  • Purchases made on your online store and mobile CRM generate personalized invoices.
  • Customers in your ERP will be automatically created in other platforms.
  • Changes in titles, descriptions, custom attributes of your products are shared.
  • And much more. If the data is present in your ERP of choice, it means it can be kept to date automatically in your other tools.

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