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Custom and scalable CRM for your business

Company geolocation nearby; Save time and money by optimizing your deliveries and salespeoples routes.

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The mobile solution for your representatives and delivery drivers

See your customers purchase lists to accelerate sales on the road. Create new orders within the app.

Why MobileOffice?

Our CRM helps improve the productivity of your sales team, lower costs, offer better customer service and get a 360° view of the company’s business relationships.

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Connects to Various Popular Platforms

We work with the most used platforms on the market


CRM for Representatives

  • View the list of customers to visit during the day
  • Customer inventory management, returns and refunds
  • Order taking and confirmation in the shopping cart
  • View quantities in stock and price of each customer
  • Search customers by name or code
  • Customer’s price changes by the representative for a product to close a sale
  • Send price confirmation requests to the sales manager
  • View customers and prospects on an interactive map
  • Customer Contact Information and Statistics
  • Opening and delivery time
  • Open order
  • Invoice
  • GPS navigation to the customer’s address
  • Follow-up of appointments and events with a history of exchanges


  • View the list of orders to deliver during the day
  • GPS navigation to the customer’s address
  • View the order content for on-the-spot confirmation
  • Confirmation of order with signature
  • Email / SMS sent automatically to the next customer to notify them

Road planning

  • Selection of orders to deliver
  • Optimization of roads
  • Order optimization based on truck capacity
  • Order optimization according to the type of loading required
  • Order optimization according to customer delivery times
  • Optimization of orders according to the hours of departure, dinner and return of the driver
  • Packaging goods generation for warehouse

Reports and follow-up

  • Interactive map representing users in real time
  • Operations reports
  • Point of sale efficiency report
  • Temporary representative representative management for vacation periods
  • Assignment of specific stocks to each representative

Businesses already profit from our solutions every day

After just 4 months, MobileOffice has allowed us to realize an average sales increase of 18.5% and decrease our sales cycle, improve our corporate image to the customers, provide an above the competition customer service and establish tighter sales data.

65% of our representatives use MobileOffice daily and new staff join this cutting edge XRM each month. We are more efficient to meet our customers and save office time. MobileOffice allows us to save valuable time. We are very happy with this tool.

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